According to the water flow direction, the sedimentation clarifier can be divided into horizontal, vertical, radial, inclined flow. Our lamella clarifier, also called inclined plate clarifier / inclined tube clarifier originates from Hazen Shallow tank theory.
   Compared with traditional sedimentation clarifier, our lamella clarifier have optimize the design of inlet zone, settling zone, sludge collecting zone and outlet zone. This will reach up to 100% of efficiency.
   The sewage will flow into the tank via inlet pipe. Then through the middle water corridor, the sewage will flow down and will be reflected by guide plate. Then through the two sides’ water distribution outlet, the sewage will flow into the inclined plate


Industrial Application
  • Super large settling capacity: improved inlet water corridor, uniform water distribution. At the top of the inclined plate, we have set up with via-holes, eliminating the short-circuit flow phenomena. This will utilize the inclined plate area to the best advantage and optimize the inclined plate length. Through the design of water collecting tank, adjustable weir plate and via-holes design, etc, the outlet rinsing water will be drained out uniformly and steadily.
  • Reduce the influence of flow state, reduce the possibility of scaling and depositing.
  • High sludge concentration of sludge sedimentation



Industrial Application
  • Industrial production wastewater.
  • Industrial chemistry—purification and concentration.
  • Paper pulp and paper-making industry.
  • Iron and steel industry—Phosphorus removal.
  • Oily waste water treatment in machinery processing industry.
  • Metal hydroxides wastewater.
  • Purification of biological cleaning process.
  • Circulating water from potato and vegetables.
  • Dust wiper wastewater treatment from power plant.
Municipal Wastewater
  • Pre-treatment
  • Backwah water treatment
  • Primaryand secondary treatment
  • Tertiary treatment
  • Sludge thickening