Mechanical bar screen is an advanced solid-liquid separation unit. It is mainly applied for municipal, district WWTP pre-treatment stage, municipal rainwater and sewage pumping station, waterworks and cooling water from power plant. This unit has been widely applied in textile, printing and dyeing, food, aquatic product, paper-making, slaughter, tannery wastewater treatment process. It is an ideal unit for screening.


   This unit adopts rotary type, several plow-shaped rake will be installed on the shaft, forming rake chains. According to the water flow volume, the bar screen will have different spaces or gaps installed on the front of the pump station or water treatment system. When the drive mechanism move from bottom to top with rake chains. The debris will be taken out from the rake chains, while the liquid will flow through screen gap. When the unit rotates into the top, the rake chain will revert its running direction, moving from top to bottom. The matters will fall off from the rake chains. When the rake rotates into the bottom from the opposite side. Then it will re-start for continuous running.


  • High degree of automation, high efficiency of separation, low energy consumption, no noise, outstanding corrosion resistance. Continuous and stable running with no one watching. Its has set up with mechanic over-load safe protection. When it occurs fault, cut off the shear pin in case of overloading working and damaging the accessories.
  • We can adjust the running interval according to the clients’ requirement reaching periodic operation. We can have control the unit automatically according to the liquid level difference before and after the screen. Also, the manual control can help us for maintenance. We can select the control mode according to the client’s requirements.
  • Because of its reliable design, it has strong self-cleaning ability during working and operation with no blocking phenomena. Thus there is little maintenance job during daily life.


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