The MARO Series RO’s are complete, pre-engineered proven designs that produce consistent high quality water in flow rates up to 360000 GPD. The systems feature simple user-friendly controls, rugged construction, easy access for maintenance and installation. The systems can be supplied with several options that will help reduce energy, reduce the amount of water required for operation and even provide for water recycling. Some of these options are

1. Low energy membranes (150PSl/225PSI).
2. High water recovery operation (depending on feed quality).
3. Output controlled operation with variable speed drive.
4. Reject water recovery and reuse systems.

Standard Features:
1. 5.0 um multi-cartridge pre-filter
2. Automatic inlet shut-off valve
3. Multi-stage centrifugal pump
4. Two flow meters
5. Programmable auto-flush feature
6. PLC system control
7. Clean-In-Place ports

Materials of Construction:
1. Frame: Stainless steel 304 or Powder coated steel
2. Membrane Elements: TF Polyamide
3. Membrane Housing: FRP
4. Low Pressure Pipe: UPVC
5. High Pressure Pipe: Stainless Steel
6. Pump: Stainless Steel

Additional Options:
1. Optional VFD systems
2. Feed Water ORP
3. Feed Water pH
4. Clean in Place (CIP) Unit

Operating Parameters:
1. Operating Pressure: < 300 psi
2. Maximum Recovery: 60% - 75%
3. Nominal Rejection: 95-99%
4. Operating Temperature: 2-35 °C
5. Minimum Inlet Pressure: 30 psi
6. Design Temperature: 25 °C


All weights and dimensions are approximate. Other custom designs are available upon request