Ultra Filtration System, A fully pre designed and engineered Ultra Filtration skid range with flows from 1m3/hr (6,000 GPD) through to 70m3/hr (42,000 GPD).

Ultra Filtration System features a compact space saving design, high quality components and offer high performance. The systems are designed for simple user-friendly controls, rugged construction, minimum energy consumption with lower maintenance and operation costs. Systems are enabled plug and play with pre-treatment and post treatment variations that are required at certain sites.

Standard Features:
1. 304 stainless steel frame
2. UPVC high pressure housings
3. SS304 feed pump
4. SS304 backwash pump
5. Automatic controlled valves
6. Powder coated carbon steel control panel
7. PLC controlled
8. In-line rotameter
9. Pressure gauge across membranes
10. Pressure gauge across pre filtration
11. CEB enhanced backwash
12. Full documentation and operator manuals

Additional Options:
1. Variable speed pump controls
2. PLC controlled with 10” colour HMI screen with user interface and BMS output
3. Web based internet monitoring
4. Integrated CIP cleaning skid
5. Online monitoring of water quality

Inlet Specifications:
1. Maximum inlet turbidity: 200NTU
2. Temperature range: 5-45°C
3. Operation pH range: 2-13

Outlet Specifications:
1. Product outlet turbidity: ≤0.07 NTU
2. Product outlet SDI: <2
3. MWCO, nominal: 5OK Dalton
3. Maximum feed pressure: 4Bar (60PSI)
3. Maximum Trans-membrane Pressure: 2Bar (30PSI)
3. Membrane life span: 3-Syears
3. Membrane style: inside/Outside
3. Membrane material: PS Modified
3. Recovery rate: 90%-95%
3. Design Average: 60LMH