ZG sludge scraper mainly apply for the settling tank whose diameter is no more than 20m. It consists of working bridge, drive mechanism, drive shaft, scraping arm and scum board, dragline, underwater bearing, agitating impeller, steady now cylinder and electric cabinet, According to the actual condition, we can add effluent weir plate. skimming mechanism. slag tap and sludge hopper, etc.
   When the ZG sludge scrapper working and running. its drive mechanism installed on the working bridge will drive up the transmission shaft for rotary. When the transmission shaft rotates, it will let the scraping arms on two sides rotate around the tank central axis. One set of scum board will rotate together with scraping arm, finally scraping out the settling sludge from the tank bottom to the sludge collecting tank. At the same time. if there is float scum, the skimmer will scrape it into sludge hopper.



  • The working bridge will adopt truss type, concise, beautiful and light
  • Easy for maintenance, low cost consumption
  • Drive reducer: cycloidal reducer, compact structure
  • For the electric components, we will use outdoor type, safe and reliable, stochastic control and remote control
  • We can make the unit according to client’s requirement. Wetted parts can be stainless steel.